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It all started in the small hometown of Bovino, Region of Puglia, Italy. Both grandfathers were Black Smiths and worked out of a small shop making: metal stairs, railings, doors, windows and miscellaneous artisan metal work. Vincenzo Spremulli worked as a mechanic with his father Ciro, where they repaired farming machines. On the side he carried on the family trade and worked with his father-in-law, Pasquale at his black smith shop. As the demand for metal work increased they hired other workers as needed.


Vincenzo and his wife had 6 sons: Ciro, Pasquale, Antonio, Renato, Pietro and Marcello. From when the boys were young they became interested in the family business and by the age of 16 Pasquale and Antonio started working full-time with their father and grandfather, while Ciro the eldest son went to University to pursue his education in Electrical Engineering. As the boys got older, the family was in search for ways to expand their business.


There wasn’t enough opportunity and work in their hometown to move forward. In 1971 Pasquale travelled to Canada to visit his relatives who had informed the family of opportunities to expand their business in the Canadian market, there was a high demand for their trade. Pasquale started working for a railing company to gain more experience and get a better feel for the industry in Canada. As he got deeper into the trade Pasquale advised his family to join him abroad where they would have much more success in expanding their business. Ciro, having had the most education and management experience travelled to get a better idea of the potential their business could have in another country…

Together Ciro and Pasquale went to work in Canada and decided to continue their education to learn the language and gain more administrative skills as a necessity toward surviving in the Canadian market, which they were foreign to.  Together they gained much experience and confidence in the benefits Canada would provide for their family; therefore they recommended the rest of the family come join them.  Travelling was a major expense at the time and the family was cautious in their decision until they were all certain and agreed to leave their home to explore the challenge and make a better life for themselves.  Their grandparents remained in Italy and did the best that they could with their small black smith shop.

While at school in Canada, Ciro achieved a diploma in accounting and went to work doing bookkeeping and general accounting for an accounting firm, acquiring more hands on experience in managing a business.  All the while Vincenzo and his two sons: Pasquale and Antonio went to work at the railing shop where Pasquale was employed upon first coming to Canada.  The four of them took on different jobs and combined had all the necessary tools to start a business of their own.  Renato, Pietro and Marcello were still in school and too young to take part in the business as of yet.

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With much hard work and dedication Airport Ornamental Railings Co. Ltd was on its feet and the Spremulli family had much work and responsibility ahead of them.  Their father and grandfather continuously instilled in them strong values, morals and a driven work ethic.  Their strength as a family was evident in this time of sacrifice and ambition.


They found a small shop close to the Airport, which influenced their selection in the name they chose for their business, a name that would not only promote their location, but also remind them of where they first started.Ciro took on the responsibility of overseeing the administrative and accounting tasks of opening their business.  He also pursued many businesses and made several connections toward many promising contracts.  Vincenzo, Pasquale and Antonio went to work to design, manufacture and install wood and iron railings as well as some wrought iron jobs.  


Renato finished high-school and joined his father and brothers in the business.  The five of them each took on different responsibilities and collaboratively developed a competitive business that in only a short period of time grew in: reputation, quality, service and superior craftsmanship.  A few years later Pietro joined the family, while Marcello was encouraged to complete his University degrees to assist his brother Ciro with the administration.  At last the entire family was together.   They worked as a team, each with their own specialized skills to oversee different part of the business to ensure operation ran smoothly and efficiently.  Together they took Airport Railings to the top of their industry.


It was with much devastation to the family that their father, Vincenzo passed away in September of 2003, leaving the family in much despair but never yet more inspired and ambitious to carry forward their father’s legacy and continue to make him proud.

45 years later Airport Railings Group of Companies oversees 3 large divisions: Airport Railings, Airport Stairs and Master Woodworking Centre.  45 years of hard work had flourished and today they are proud and honoured to be recognized as one of the leading companies in wood, metal, glass and wrought iron artisan products and architectural mill work.  They work collaboratively with many of the biggest trades in the building industry for: commercial, industrial and residential developments.


The Spremulli family has never forgotten their long-rooted foundation, a solid life-time achievement they have all paid much contribution to.  Setting a good example and providing leadership for future generations of the Spremulli family who have already taken part in the family business with intention and desire to bring the corporation into the future.  Always ahead with the latest in innovation and automation, expanding their network to optimize opportunities and diversify the business. 

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