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Awards & Acknowledgements

For the past 45 years developers and trade shows have been celebrating outstanding achievements within the industry by hosting annual award ceremonies for all contractors. 


Airport Railings Group of Companies has since been awarded for our innovation, superior craftsmanship, quality and service.


We have been honoured to have received these  acknowledgements and they have all contributed to our value. We pride in our work and are happy to have had many opportunities to work with several reputable developers and attend many international tradeshows who have contributed to our success.

Charitable Contributions & Sponsorships

Since we first opened our doors 45 years ago, we have strongly believed in giving back to individuals and our community.  Throughout the years we have contributed to several events, foundations and groups, such as the following:


Princess Margaret Home Lottery

Annually Airport Railings Group of Companies has been asked to contribute to lottery homes-one main showcase home and up to a dozen smaller homes.  We have contributed by designing, manufacturing and installing unique wood, glass, aluminum and wrought iron railings, staircases, fences, gates, architectural details and more throughout the homes.

In the 80’s and 90’s, we went on several trade missions to promote Canadian products abroad

In Belgium, we showcased our Canadian products to the European market by installing samples of our stairs and railings in a contemporary log home, built by other Canadian trades, showcasing their products inside the trade show as well.

We travelled to Beijing, China on a federal trade mission promoting Canadian construction techniques and materials to several surrounding Asian countries. In collaboration with Canadian government departments (Industry, Immigration, Human Resources, International Trade and Commerce), we attended trade shows to offer our products and in turn we expanded our network by connecting with manufacturers in China who were also beneficial to us, equipped to manufacture our products. The goal for this trade mission was to increase international trade by finding mutual economical solutions.

In the past few years, we attended large Canadian construction shows in Toronto

We introduced our latest glass railings and stair systems, manufactured from various components we imported and modified from Europe. In 2007 we were awarded for newest innovation.

Currently Airport Railings Group of Companies is a founding member and part of an organization called SARA

SARA (Stairs And Railing Association) provides opportunity for groups of companies within the same trade to share thoughts, technical support and maintain product varieties offered in Ontario. This organization shares neutral ground between competitors to agree to building standards and maintain certain levels of quality by sharing technical information and concerns with developers and building codes.

Sponsored Humber Region Hospital Gala

Collaborated with developers and trades to donate a large sum of money to Humber River Hospital.

For the past 10 years- Sponsored and Donated set designs, art installations and models to Events in GTA

Aided students who have apprenticed at our companies to manufacture large set designs, art installations and architectural model displays and entertainment for events held throughout the GTA.

Assisting students who have apprenticed at our companies to gain contacts, experience and build portfolios

Our desire to support future generations who wish to explore our industry by providing them with unlimited access to our: network, facilities, equipments, designers and materials.

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